HBO Max: price, films, and how to get a free trial

The HBO Max streaming service offers a ton of top-drawer content from HBO, Warner Bros., New Line Cinema, DC and more. Subscribers get unlimited access to all through smart TV platforms, such as Roku TV and Amazon Fire Sticks, Apple TV 4K and Chromecast. They can also watch from abroad.

Below, we will tell you all the ins and outs about how you can see HBO Max wherever and on whatever device you are on. Launched in May 2020, currently over 10,000 hours of premium content is accessible for a price of $ 14.99 per month.

HBO Max also signed a great deal to stream every 2021 Warner Bros. movie – including Wonder Woman 1984 and Matrix 4 – on the day they release in theaters.

Still not fully convinced? Perhaps you want to score an HBO Max Free Trial and give it a whirl without paying a penny? We will explain the HBO Max subscription levels below.

HBO Max is currently only available within the US (although it is due to launch in Europe in late 2021). Thankfully, customers can watch abroad using a VPN.

Access to HBO Max is $ 14.99 per month – no contract and you can cancel at any time.

It’s a lot pricier than Netflix ($ 13.99 per month) and Disney + ($ 6.99 per month) or Hulu ($ 5.99 per month), but when HBO Max doesn’t offer the same depth of content, say, Netflix, the quality its offer is unquestionable.

HBO Max Free Trial: How Can You Get It

Even better, you can be offered an HBO Max free trial, which can use up to 30 days without you having to pay a penny. Keep an eye on for all the latest HBO Max deals. Right now, HBO is offering 20% ​​off on a 6-month HBO Max subscription ($ 89.99 to $ 69.99) – saving you $ 20.

What devices does HBO Max support

You will find the HBO Max app on a wide range of smart TVs, game consoles, smartphones, and streaming devices. These include Roku Streaming Devices (with OS 9.3 and above), Chromecast Dongle, Amazon Fire Tablet (4th gen or later), Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Amazon Fire TV Cube and Amazon Fire TV Edition Smart TV.

Other smart TV platforms with HBO Max are Roku TV, Samsung TV (2016 or later), Android TV (OS 5+) and Apple TV Box (4th gen or later).

It is also available on Mac laptops, Windows or Chrome OS as well as all laptops and desktop computers running on Android smartphones and tablets (Android OS 5 or later) and iOS 12.2 or later devices.

The owners of both PS4, PS5 and Xbox One X and Xbox Series X and S are also in luck.

HBO Max on RCO and PS5

HBO Max recently announced its arrival on Roku streaming devices and PS5 consoles.

To watch HBO Max on Roku, download the HBO Max app from the RCO Channel Store. You can subscribe to HBO Max directly through your Roku device, or if you have subscribed to HBO through Roku, the HBO app will automatically update to become HBO Max. So just log in using your HBO credentials and you are away.

To watch HBO Max on PS4 and PS5, go to the PlayStation Store and find HBO Max. Then, select HBO Max and choose ‘Download’. Once downloaded, open HBO Max and sign in.

HBO Max on Fire TV Stick

We get a guide in which a lot of people ask us ‘how to watch HBO Max at Firestock’. Well, this is easy. Most Amazon Fire streaming devices, including Fire TV Stick, Fire Tablet, and Fire TV Edition Smart TV.

You will find the HBO Max app under Apps and Games in the Fire TV app. American customers with Amazon Alexa can navigate to the HBO Max app by saying “find Alexa, HBO Max” in their voice remote or a pair of Echo devices.

Those who already subscribe to HBO via Amazon Channels can log in to the app at no additional charge, while new customers will have to pay $ 14.99 a month or take a free trial.

How to watch HBO Max in the UK

Although HBO Max is currently only available in the US, it is relatively easy to use this service from outside the US using a reliable VPN or “virtual private network”, allowing you to use the service on your laptop, smart TV, set-top Can be used. Box or streaming stick.

A VPN is a simple application that creates an encrypted connection between your device and the Internet, which means that the information that goes back and forth is completely private. Importantly, it lets you choose an IP address server in the country whose content you want to access. In the case of HBO Max, you will need an American server.

VPNs are a hindrance to use and run in the background, so they will not interfere with your streaming fun. That said, some VPNs are more reliable than others. As a rule we suggest for payment service like NordVPN.

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