How to hide last seen on facebook Messenger

If you have reached this article after reading the name of our post, then let us tell you that you have come to the right place. can be solved.

Most of the people have to face this kind of problem at one time or the other, if you are a girl then you can understand what I am talking about. A pile of messages would come in front of you, but you do not want to talk to any of them, but still you have to reply to those messages, then you must read this article once.

Due to the confusion of online and offline, the relationship of most people is bad, whether it is girlfriend boyfriend or husband wife or parent’s children relationship, this last seen or active status has a bad effect on everyone.

Sometimes it happens that we are definitely online in Facebook or Messenger, but do not talk to anyone, but the people we are seeing online, they think that we are online but by not talking to them, we are talking to someone else. Talking and such thinking of people often leads to bitterness in relationships, that is why by hiding your last seen you can avoid many difficulties.

By the way, you will already know all these regions and people have their own personal area to hide last seen that is why we will not bore you by telling more regions, we will talk directly about the point and you will have to hide your messenger par last seen. Will also tell you the step by step way to do it.

Hide your last seen in Messenger is a very important thing because it helps you in handling your privacy and personal life, so follow the next steps properly.

  1. First of all, open the Messenger application on your phone and keep in mind that your application is updated, if it is not, then update your application.
  2. As soon as you open Messenger in your phone, you will see an icon of the profile in the left side, click on it.
  3. Now a new page will open in front of you, in which you will see many options, in which you have to click on the option of ‘active status’.
  4. As soon as you click on this option, a button will appear in the top right side with some information which will be on, you can turn it off or disable it.
  5. By doing this, your last seen will be hidden, after that you come back and scroll that page.
  6. On scrolling down, you will see the option of ‘Chat Heads’, you can also turn it off or disable it.

If you follow these steps mentioned above then you can easily hide your last seen in messenger.

Note: Let us tell you about one important thing so that your information is not incomplete, if you follow the above steps then you can easily hide your last seen but if you after turning off active status also seen someone’s message

So that person will know that you have seen their message, that’s why when you hide last seen, then avoid seeing the message of any person at that time talk to the person you want to talk to or you Do the area from which you are running Messenger so that no one will know that you are online.

Friends, I hope you have liked our article, after reading the article, now you will not have any problem in hiding your last seen in messenger.

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