Career in Information Technology

Career in Information Technology : The country has achieved unprecedented success in the economic field in the era of liberalization after 1991. Today India is on the way to become the third largest economic power in the world. The country is witnessing major changes at every level. Be it industry or education, foreign trade or infrastructure, changes can be easily seen everywhere. Till yesterday, India is at the forefront of IT i.e. Information Technology, which is considered the copyright of Europe and America and the demand of Indian IT professionals is everywhere. Barely two and a half decades ago, companies like Tata Consultancy Services, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Infosys, HCL, Satyam Computers, L&T Infotech, Genpact, Patni, First Source Solution, which were running slow and fast, are today part of the IT Revolution. Riding on wheels. Their quarterly, half-yearly, annual results testify to this. In this sense, this field has become the best career option. This is the reason why IT is the first choice of all the students. If you are also looking for a better career, then you can enter the IT world and do a heavy paying job.

What is IT Sector

All those things which are related to things like computer, software, networking, internet, website, database, telecommunication, comes in IT field. With software, there are many jobs like Hardware Technology, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing), LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing), IT Consultancy, Software Teaching, Software Testing, System Installation, Research and Development. These days jobs are being mechanized rapidly, whether government or private offices are getting computerized, it has become necessary for you to be technology savvy even for the smallest work. Today, without technical knowledge, you do not stay anywhere in the job market. In such a changing era, the scope of work of professionals working in the IT sector has also increased. In today’s date, India remains the head of IT sector in the world. Where due to the hard work of the employees and the strong business strategy of the managers, all the well-known companies are writing a new record of progress in this field today.

What is the importance in India’s perspective

The role of the IT sector has become important in the growth of the country. Actually this is the sector, which changed the country’s agriculture based economy to knowledge based economy, raised the standard of living of the people, but also made the lives of the people more convenient directly indirectly. The rapid growth of this sector can be gauged from the fact that in 1994, where the revenue of the IT sector was around Rs 63 billion, today it has reached above Rs 1276 billion. According to a report by Nasscom, the annual growth of this sector is being recorded at 25 percent. As a result, about 20 lakh people are getting direct and indirect employment in this sector today. In such a situation, according to experts, today every 1 rupee invested in the IT sector gives a benefit of two rupees to the Indian economy. In such a situation, this sector can be called the power booster of the Indian economy.

what are the qualifications ?

The minimum educational qualification for admission to these courses is 12th (PCM Group). After 12th you can do B.Tech (Bachelors of Technology). Courses related to this are available in major universities or institutes of the country including IIT (Indian Institute of Technology). Generally all companies today give preference to Professional Degree Holders in this field. In such a situation, it becomes necessary for you to complete at least a graduate level course in this field after 12th. At the same time, you do not need any special stream in 12th for the short term courses that have become very popular in this field like DCA, D cap, hardware networking, A level, O level, B level etc. That is to say, for some courses related to IT, science stream is not required.

Why is becoming a hot sector of career

Due to the increasing profits in the IT sector, on one hand the growth of old companies increased, then the same new IT companies also stepped into the market. The fast pace of this sector can be understood from the fact that 51 percent of the total outsourced work in the international market is exported from India, while its share in the country’s total exports is around 75 percent. All these things point towards the same that there is no dearth of career opportunities in this growing sector.

Which areas have opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities after doing degree, diploma and short term courses from the IT sector. Today every small and big institution of the country has been computerized. Obviously, from their installation, to removing technical defects, to uploading new software, IT professionals have a big role to play. Not only this, all the software companies of the country are also giving place to the highly qualified youth of this field as experts or professionals. If you are skilled in work like system installation, networking, hardware repairing, then your own work can also be started in this field.

what are the positions

All the IT companies of the country are creating jobs in the country these days, due to which the youth do not have to go abroad for jobs. In the IT sector, reverse brain drain has become a trend today. Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, NCR in the country are proving to be new IT hubs not only for India but for the whole world. One can work in these IT Hubs as Software Technician, Software Tester, Software Designer, Window System Engineer, Java Software Developer, .NET Programmer, Workflow Integration Specialist.

First choice of distant countries.

IT professionals are in high demand abroad. This is the reason why professionals related to this are appointed on heavy salary. Today there is no dearth of foreign companies who take on Indian professionals with professional abilities and degrees. NET Programmer, Workflow Integration Specialist, Windows System Engineer, Java Software Developer, Senior Java Application Developer, Web Focus Developer, RMA Technician, etc.


The future of information technology is golden in the coming times. Due to better salary package and learning new things, toppers are giving first preference to this trade. However, in the coming times, competition will increase at the international level and there will be a tough competition for jobs. Regarding the present and future of Information Technology, Prof. S.G., Director, IIT, Kanpur. Dhande said that IT has emerged as a powerful medium of communication, which the society will always need. Here are the highlights of the conversation..

Which skills make students IT career?

First of all it is necessary to have interest in this field. It is necessary to be logical with good mathematics. Apart from this, presentation should be good with communication skills. If you have a grip on the English language, then you can get success in this field to the top.

Are students still giving first preference to IT over other trades?

Jobs related to information technology are done in air-conditioned rooms and jobs are also plenty. In comparison to other trades, there is a good salary in the country as well as abroad. When there are so many merits of this field, it is natural to include IT in the first order of priority.

What are the emerging sectors of the IT sector?

IT has become like a stone in terms of jobs at this time. Revolutionary progress is happening in the area where its reach is increasing. It has expanded its scope to Field Accounting, KPO, Legal Outsourcing. Communication and computing can be called the future of IT. Information technology is going to get stronger than mobile and what you are seeing now. IIT has an important role in the development of information technology. We have done a lot in the field of education and research which is in front of us today.

Major Areas of IT

There is a great demand for IT Professionals in all fields, because all sectors want to be associated with Information Technology. If we classify this area, it will be in front of us in many forms. The major and important areas of IT are:


Software industry and IT are considered synonymous in terms of country. Basically, the main job of companies working in the computer software sector is to develop and implement different types of software for their clients spread all over the world. Different types of software are needed to work in different sectors. There are many sectors like Bank, Media, Insurance, Telecom, Hospitality, Education, Railway, Entertainment, Security, where there is always a need for different and upgraded softwares. In such a situation, the entry taken in this field can become a boon for you.

IT Hardware

Everything that you can see, that can be used physically, comes in hardware. In the IT sector, desktops, laptops, storage devices, networking devices, LCDs are included in all these. Although there is still more work potential in this field in the domestic market, yet the rapid growth of this sector is bringing new opportunities today.

IT Business Processing Outsourcing

Today, many well-known companies of the world transfer them to other companies to meet their increased needs and work. Which has many advantages. One, the market value and trust of the parent company is maintained among the people. Second, people also get employment opportunities due to these demands. Today this field has expanded its scope to Accounting, KPO, Legal Outsourcing. It can be understood from the fact that today more than 400 companies have entered this relatively new industry related to IT. At the same time, more than two lakh people have got direct employment here. An even bigger feature of this sector is its job centric nature.

IT Education

This field works to give you the appropriate training to make you fit in the IT sector. Many companies are also involved in this, which provide training courses like Java, Oracle. Recently some IT companies have started their training programs in school colleges also. This sector is emerging as a much better option for those who study.

Courses of interest

Keeping in view the demand of this sector and the global needs, new courses are being launched in the IT sector, while the old courses are also in equal demand. In this field, courses like BCA, MCA, BTech, MTech (Computer Science), BSc, MSc (Computer Science), software testing in short term courses, A level, B level, O level, DCA, D-cap are prominent.

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