Trindo breaks down the first trade show booth

While we have seen many new 3D printed prototypes and products, many of which have been displayed in the exhibition booths of 3D printing trade shows now being held around the world, we have yet to see an exhibition booth. Like Trindo GmbH just made.

Created for Düsseldorf’s Viscom trade show, which took place between 4-6 November this year, the Munich-based 3D printing agency built the world’s first 3D printed exhibition booth entirely out of sand-based materials.

The Viscom exhibition was originally established to showcase Europe’s most innovative technologies of ‘visual communication’, and Trindo’s 3D Printed Trade Booth certainly had a lot to say!

In collaboration with the German-based Klormann design team, Trindo GmbH set out to design and build a booth that could never have been dreamed of with traditional construction techniques.

Using a combination of organic design and Voronoi patterns, the team was able to create a one-of-a-kind trade show exhibit that had a certain complexity and beauty that resembled a giant coral reef (which correlates well with sand materials). Keeps) was made of).

Within the uniquely designed 3D printed booth were eight illuminated displays, two tables and several aesthetically pleasing wall modules. Using 3D design and printing, these additional components were fully implemented and the aesthetic of the booth was matched to the ‘T’.

“This project was the ideal way for us to demonstrate that additive manufacturing would soon revolutionize areas such as display and exhibition technology as well as interior design.

This milestone confirms our vision,” says Bennett Klein, CEO of Trindo GmbH. “We are satisfied with the success of the show as well as the incredibly positive and manifold response.”

The participation of the interior design firm Baumgartner Einrichtungen GmbH was able to complete the booth for the loan proposal. Although the booth was able to be assembled and dismantled quickly, the display pieces and the large additive components that served as the foundation of these displays are quite heavy and expensive to manufacture.

But Trindo’s Viscom trade show booth was one of the most unique 3D printing displays I’ve seen in a while, and I’m just talking about the booth! Although large-scale sand prints aren’t the most economical option for a trade show booth, Trindo is continuing his research into how these materials can be used efficiently in what Trindo CTO Simon Salosky calls “XXL 3D Printing.” .

Their 3D Printed Trade Show Booth certainly proves that the German 3D Printing Agency is on the right track to make their one of a kind booth an affordable, efficient and uniquely designed display platform for any trade show or exhibition is!

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