The QAnon Congresswoman Also Believes a Space Laser

It seems that none of the plot is too outrageous for the rape. The QAnon about the Parkland shooting is a false flag conspiracy and the entire election is fraud. Now we can add a new one: that the deadly 2018 campfire was deliberately ignited, by a space laser so that California could build a high-speed rail system. (Naturally, the Rothschilds were somehow involved.)

Taylor Green voiced her belief in conspiracy theorist similarities to “lasers” or “direct energy weapons” in November 2018 in the wake of California history’s most expensive, deadly and damaging firefight. In a media post, previously reported by Media Matters, Taylor Green drew the classic frame of “just asking questions” about the actual role of utility PG&E, leading to the fire.

Before we delve deeper, these are the facts: An investigation pointed to the utility’s electrical lines as a direct cause. The fire was halted by more strong winds and hot, dry conditions as it hit the city of heaven and the surrounding area. PG&E has paid more than $ 25.5 billion in settlements and pleaded guilty to manslaughter; It has changed to cut off power in times of high fire danger in an effort to address more potential tragedies. But dangerous fire conditions are becoming more frequent due to the climate crisis, and it is impossible to avoid more wildfires without a multi-decade effort to thin the forest and fix the power grid.

But Taylor Greene had perhaps a lot of nefarious intentions in his mind. In the now-deleted Facebook post, she prints her best Glenn Beck.

“I am posting this in speculation because there are too many coincidences to ignore, and just to keep it out of some research I have stemmed from my curiosity on PG&E shares, which again throughout the week, followed by CA official Thursday Night rally. Sic] announced that they would not allow PG and E to fail, ”she wrote.

Now, when the company causes a multi-billion dollar catastrophe, the stock suffers dozens of deaths, which is not surprising. Nor is it surprising that they will retaliate when it is clear that the state will rule it out. There is nothing strange here! (At least until you understand that the stock market is a sociopathic enterprise that values ​​wealth over human life, but that’s a discussion for another time.)

Taylor Green’s “research” revealed that Roger Kimmel, a PG&E board member, Rothschild, Inc. He also serves as the vice president of, citing the name of an institution that has long been the antithesis of anti-Semitism. She then weaves together some donations that are of utility to the then government. Jerry Brown, and he has signed a bill that basically allows utilities like PG&E to pass fire liability costs on consumers a few months before the campfire. This is certainly bad, because money is corrosive to politics, but nothing unusual. (This campaign also presents a strong rationale for passing finance reform laws.) But a vague cover-up is not this.

Taylor Green’s now-unheard-of post moves to an even deeper end, with the soon-to-be congress speculating about a high-speed rail project, equivalent to the “3 Border Walls” There is definitely a frame of reference. Which we can measure expensive things. Senator Diane Feinstein’s investor husband also makes an appearance, as does a space solar power plant startup, as well as disgruntled, World Weekly News-level people who claim “seeing blue rays of light.”

The whole thing honestly hurt my mind. At the time, other QAnon followers put forward the Space Laser lie with different tastes. One version linked it to HAARP, a research program in Alaska that often confuses conspiracy theorists with weather and mind control. Another 2017 wildfire season theory suggested that an aircraft or drone could be responsible for wielding a direct energy weapon and burning some homes and not others, seemingly an explanation for the discriminatory pattern of destruction that Fire affected areas, based on homes and the surrounding defensive location, are common, not secret government programs.

Needless to say in the two years since the campfire was fully contained, no land has been demolished nor contracted on any type of high-speed rail project in the ravaged area. In fact, the towns ravaged by the fire have struggled to recover, with more fires burning in the area, indicating that we need adequate intervention to prevent a recurrence of the campfire. Taylor Green does not live in this shared reality, for the decline of public discourse and my personal emotional balance.

Republicans have refused to resume Taylor Green or his wild-eyed intrigues about incidents such as fires and school shootings, causing real suffering and irreversible changes in people’s lives. But then, I think they will have to face decades of climate denial in their caucus as well.

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