Get Gram Panchayat Workd Report

If you want to know how much budget has been given by the Government of India for which construction in your gram panchayat, how much has been passed and how much work has been done so far, then you can know this on one click from your mobile sitting at home.

Not only this, if you find any irregularity in the construction work, then you can directly complain in the public hearing. The Government of India has started this facility to make the development work transparent from village to village. You can also keep an eye on your Pradhan, Zilla Panchayat by adopting these methods. read full details inside

Will get information like this

For information about the development works of your Gram Panchayat, you have to click on the website

Plan Year: In the option, decide which year you want to take information. Like 2017-2018, 2016-2017 or 2015-2016. For example, if we choose 2017-2018, then the next option will appear in the state.

State:  The state you want information about, for example, like we want information about the state of Rajasthan, then click on Rajasthan.

Plan Unit: After this you get the option of Plan Unit, in this you are given the option of Gram Panchayat, Block and District Panchayat, in which you can choose your option. For example we choose Gram Panchayat.

District Panchayat:In this option you have to give information about your Zilla Panchayat. Like we want information in the form of Chittorgarh then select Chittorgarh.

Block Panchayat: In this you have to give information about Block Panchayat. Like if we click further Chittorgarh.

Village Panchayat:In this you will give the information of your village, like if you choose the option, then this picture will be in front of you in the website.

Get Report:After filling all the options, you will get the report of the entire Panchayat as soon as you click on Get Report. You will be able to see how much budget was passed for which work in the Gram Panchayat. Not only this, details of the cost of construction work are given. Where and what has been done in this report, you will get complete information here. If work has been done in the website and the work is not completed at the ground level, then you can complain about it in the public hearing.

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